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bedroom mirror
Jul 06 2016

Mum’s Basement Bedroom Makeover

I’m very excited to share our latest room transformation: Mum’s bedroom. Mum wanted to update her bedroom and asked if I’d be willing to help her make it brighter and better reflect her style. Um - of course I would! Love you mum :)   Here’s what her bedroom looked like before:     The finished product?     The new paint colour and the lighter rug immediate made such a huge difference in how bright the room feels.       The drawers on either side of the bed and the chest under the window were both given a new look with paint and new knobs (read all about my adventure...

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chalk paint dresser
Jun 28 2016

Dresser Makeover with Chalk Paint

A couple of months ago my mum and I started planning a makeover for her bedroom. To keep costs low we decided to keep as much of her existing furniture as possible, but give some pieces a bit of a makeover.   Seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out this chalk paint stuff everyone’s been talking about.   Mum and I visited a local market and picked up two cans of CeCe Caldwell chalk paint. Why CeCe’s? Honestly...

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deck building frame
Jun 18 2016

Deck Building Tips

We’re in full deck building mode this weekend building a floating deck in a previously unused corner of our yard. We loved building our first deck and definitely learnt a lot. Are you thinking of building a deck but have no idea where to start? I feel ya. Here are some tips I hope will help make the whole deck building process more fun and less stressful!   Research, Research, Research   After talking Chris into building the deck ourselves we did a lot of research. I like books & blogs and Chris likes YouTube so we really covered all our bases. I recommend...

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Jun 15 2016

Planning our Backyard Oasis

One of the advantages of a new build house is that it is a blank canvas - you have a lot of freedom to create exactly the home you want. The landscaping is no exception. When we bought our house (from plans) I started dreaming about the backyard oasis we could create. It looked a little like this in my head:   Source: Hometalk   My imagination might have run a little wild with what we could do in our 20’ x 40’ space. It turns out creating an oasis, even in a small space, takes a lot of time...

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Garden Featured
Jun 10 2016

Create a Bird, Bee and Butterfly Garden

  When we moved into our house we decided we wanted to create a bird, bee and butterfly garden. Not only did we want to attract these beautiful creatures (and help save the bees!) but pollinators would help increase the yield of our fruit & veggie gardens - I call that a win-win.   Our soil seems to be mostly clay (which is really hard on a lot of plants) but we have all the following plants growing in our garden and they are striving! If you're interested in creating a pollinator friendly garden look for native varieties of the following plants (if available...

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Office Makeover
May 27 2016

Office Makeover Reveal

A little late, but my office makeover for the spring One Room Challenge is done! I was so close to finishing in six weeks this time, but alas, other projects ended up taking priority (which I’ll be sharing soon!). Remember what our office used to look like? Dark! Cluttered! Those tall bookcases!     And now:     I love my new desk space - which is super important now that I’ve changed jobs and am working from home more (like how I snuck in that bombshell? Smooooth).     And the Ikea-hack credenza thing turned out even better than I imagined. I love that we don’t have those tall...

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