Beach Quilt Model
Aug 20 2016

The Perfect Beach Quilt

Last weekend Chris and I went to a friend's cottage. It was the perfect place to take my latest beach quilt for a spin (and take some photos).  This was a really quick quilt that came together in about three days. It has a variety of nautical prints in blues, reds and greys. My favourites are definitely the anchors and the little beach huts. The best thing about the beach quilt? The towel backing! It makes it extra warm and functional for drying off at the lake, and super cozy for wrapping up in on a cool summer night. The beach quilt is...

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diy stone flowerbeds
Aug 18 2016

DIY Stone Flowerbeds

I am so excited to share one of my favourite DIY projects, our raised stone flowerbeds. These were a weekend project that made a huge impact in our backyard.  Chris and I had talked about adding some raised flowerbeds along our back fence after we built the second deck (now referred to as "mini deck"). Because there is already a lot of wood in the backyard Chris and I agreed something a little different - like stone - would be a nice change. I immediately went to Pinterest and really loved the look of this photo from Northern Exposure Gardening: I had a hard...

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Aug 10 2016

Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet Redo

I'm so happy that I just finished a project that I started a few months ago - new doors for my walk-in closet. When I replaced the builder standard closet hardware (a hanging bar and single shelf) I decided to put most of my stuff along the side walls of the closet, instead of just along the back. This worked out really well for me and ended up being a more efficient use of space...

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Aug 07 2016

How to Build a Floating Deck

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that Chris and I build a little floating deck back in June. In case you're thinking of building your own floating deck I've put together all the details on how we did it in one weekend. I hope you find this helpful and don't forget to show me pics of your finished deck! Make sure before you build your deck you check with your local municipality. You may be required to use different measurements than what we've used (space between joists for example) or you may be required to get a permit.   Materials 12 Concrete Deck Blocks 4 -...

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bedroom mirror
Jul 06 2016

Mum’s Basement Bedroom Makeover

I’m very excited to share our latest room transformation: Mum’s bedroom. Mum wanted to update her bedroom and asked if I’d be willing to help her make it brighter and better reflect her style. Um - of course I would! Love you mum :)   Here’s what her bedroom looked like before:     The finished product?     The new paint colour and the lighter rug immediate made such a huge difference in how bright the room feels.       The drawers on either side of the bed and the chest under the window were both given a new look with paint and new knobs (read all about my adventure...

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