Mum calls the upstairs guest bathroom her “spa bathroom” because it has the only bathtub in the house. Unfortunately, it also is home to two of our four kitty litter boxes. Turns out: cat poop – not very spa-like.

The dilemma: the cats need easy access to their boxes for private time,  and mum needs a way to hide those boxes during spa time. Our solution: a curtained kitchen cart!

This unit is the cart that we bought from Walmart. Originally, we were looking for a desk or a table, but this cart ended up being perfect. Two litter boxes fit under it perfectly, and it has a shelf and drawer for extra storage. When we assembled the cart we set it up without the lower shelf and the towel bars.

The cart sat assembled in the bathroom until I eventually got around to sewing three fabric panels to use as curtains. I attached one panel to the side of the cart using velcro and the two other panels hang at the front from a small tension rod.
Curtain Details

Here’s the finished product:

Kitty Cart

99% of the time the front curtains are held open (and clear of the boxes) by small ties, but during “spa time” the curtains are drawn and the boxes are completely hidden.

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