I can’t believe we’re already in week 5 of the One Room Challenge! Where has the time gone? I can tell that we’re coming into the home stretch as I can feel our enthusiasm for renovations (and our energy levels) dropping – it’s a good thing there isn’t that much left to do – ha ha who am I kidding? There is so much left to do! Thankfully we’re moving away from the chaos stage- there are still tools everywhere but no more dishwashers in the middle of the floor.

This was definitely our week of shelves. Over the weekend I made our new shelves from some rough pine boards…

Stained Shelves

…and Chris finished all the tiling!

Tiled Wall

Then it was time to slowly drill all the holes needed for the shelf brackets. Can I just say, marking the studs on the wall, transferring them to the tile and then drilling through the tile (and crossing your fingers you’re at the stud) was really stressful. It took almost 6.5 hours to drill all 28 holes, and yes, we cracked a few.

Cracked Tiles

The brackets mostly hide the cracks – and who looks that carefully under your shelves anyways? People who are not invited over to my house.

Ta da! Shelves!

Installed Shelves

And once they were installed Chris was able to quickly hook up the new LED strip lighting – Let’s just ooh and ahh over this for a while shall we?

Wood shelves with lighting

But wait! There are more shelves! I also started the floating shelves for the corner

Floating Shelves

So now, I have some good news and some not so good news…

Good news:

Our new cabinets arrived and we got them installed pretty quickly even though the pull out pantry unit had the worst instructions ever.

The not so great news?

The new cabinet doors will definitely not be painted in time to install for next week so our big reveal will be slightly delayed (womp womp womp). Oh well! The new cabinets are totally worth it – anyone else going to have a bonus week 7?

So what’s left on the to-do list?

    • Paint the floating shelves
    • Paint the newly installed cabinets & doors
    • Paint & Install crown molding
    • Drill the holes for the new drawer pulls (oh yeah, buy new drawer pulls)
    • Put all the doors & drawer fronts back in place
    • Put away all tools and give everything a good cleaning
    • Admire our new kitchen with a nice glass of wine
    • Never paint anything again (jk I already have my next project planned)

Thanks for visiting and following along with our progress! Make sure to visit Calling it Home to see all the other amazing participants in the One Room Challenge!

1 Comment on ORC Week 5: Install All the Shelves!

  1. Always Rad
    November 5, 2015 at 2:41 pm (2 years ago)

    The tile looks amazing, as do the shelves!! Cannot wait for the reveal next week!


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