To you have a drill press? I have to say, I’m kinda crushing on this tool right now. After Chris and I took over my dad’s workshop in the garage I decided that I wanted to try and use every tool it contained…and that ended up being a lot of tools. There were two that always freaked me out a little – the drill press, and the band saw.


Last fall I used the drill press for the first time when I build the ladder for our master bathroom. It turns out…I love it! Drill press all the things!


No really, after my ladder I started searching the interwebs for all the things I could make using the drill press. I frickin love this thing! Here are all the awesome DIYs I found that use my new favourite tool:


Charm bracelet made from coins

Source: What I Wore

DIY Wood Desk Organizer


Source: eHow


Rustic Pencil Holder


Source: Strawberry Chic


Wood Candle Holder

Source: Wood Grain Cottage
I would also love to make a wood/bamboo lap desk (like this one) but I haven’t found a tutorial yet so I might just have to make my own.

Don’t have a drill press? Make your own with this DIY from Instructables

Drill Press Projects


Now I just need to try my hand with the band saw!

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