I’ve been thinking about adding a feature wall to our master bathroom. Last year we had some big plans to give our bathroom a makeover and we made some changes that had a big impact like a new paint colour and a new vanity. I still need to add some finishing touches (like shelves and maybe some art) but I’m not sure that’s enough to give it that “done” look.


You know, like..DONE done.


So, yeah, as I was saying, I’m thinking about feature walls. Specifically that adding a bit more visual interest the wall of our vanity & toilet might help bring the room together. Something that keeps the “rustic industrial” vibe and is budget and DIY friendly because I’m on my own with this one.


After some mad Pinterest searching and some slightly nutty photoshopping these are my finalists:


Wallpaper Feature Wall

Obviously there are a lot of wallpaper options out there but maybe something like this metallic looking grasscloth?

Grasscloth Wallpaper
Source: Style at Home


Faux Brick Feature Wall

I have no idea what the cost of this option would be (yet) but I’m loving the look of these faux brick panels.

Faux brick panel feature wall - Hello Yellow Blog
Source: Hello Yellow Blog


Wood Plank Feature Wall

I love pretty much every plank wall I see. I should really have a Pinterest board just for plank walls. I think this could look really cool in the bathroom either using real planks or a product like Stickwood.

Stickwood feature wall
Source: Stickwood


Concrete Feature Wall

Okay so..this one really isn’t a contender because I have no idea how I would recreate it and it might be a little too industrial for our space BUT it’s really pretty right? Love it.

Concreate Feature Wall
Source: The Lettered Cottage


Painted Feature Wall

Paint is my final option – being both super easy and affordable. Maybe just the one wall would be a darker contrasting colour – maybe a steely grey? A little boring, but it could definitely work.

I put my mad photoshop skills to the test to create some visuals – what do you think? which would you choose?


Feature Wall Inspiration

3 Comments on Bathroom Feature Wall

  1. Laurie Collins
    September 8, 2016 at 11:09 pm (1 year ago)

    I actually prefer the paint. It seems warmer.

    • Casey
      September 9, 2016 at 11:04 am (1 year ago)

      That was Chris’ choice also 🙂

  2. Oleibys Gutiérrez
    November 8, 2016 at 4:18 pm (1 year ago)

    i prefer the last one, give more clarity and space


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