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When we moved into our house we decided we wanted to create a bird, bee and butterfly garden. Not only did we want to attract these beautiful creatures (and help save the bees!) but pollinators would help increase the yield of our fruit & veggie gardens – I call that a win-win.


Our soil seems to be mostly clay (which is really hard on a lot of plants) but we have all the following plants growing in our garden and they are striving! If you’re interested in creating a pollinator friendly garden look for native varieties of the following plants (if available in your region) in blues, violets, whites & yellows. Hopefully the buzzing bees will follow!


Last year we planted: bee balm, cosmos, lavender, mallow, marigolds, phlox, coneflower, zinnia, borage, milkweed, basil, cat mint, poppies & rosemary. As a bonus for a the birds we also have a few different seed feeders and a Saskatoon serviceberry tree.


This year we plan to try a few more including blanket flower, hollyhock, aster and some bonus mosquito repelling plants like citronella, lemon balm and lemongrass.


Bird Bee Butterfly Garden

Bird Bee Butterfly Garden




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