It’s One Room Challenge time again and this fall I’m doing a bathroom makeover! This is the main bathroom on our second floor and is primarily used by Chris and I when we’re working in our shared office and by our overnight guests.


Main Bathroom Makeover


It’s a large, bright bathroom but it’s very white and builder-basic-boring.


Main Bathroom Makeover Doorway


It also holds the only bathtub in the house so I’d like it to feel like a spa – but no Enya ok?


Main Bathroom Makeover Bathtub


Yes, that is a baby gate. One of our cats really likes the bathtub and I really like having a clean bathtub so the baby gate was our solution to keeping him out. The biggest investment in this bathroom makeover will be glass tub doors that will be a WAY better solution.


Main Bathroom Makeover Vanity


I can’t afford to replace the vanity so I’m hoping I can repurpose what we have and add a DIY countertop plus new sink and faucet.


Main Bathroom Makeover Windows


To give the bathroom a little more style and visual interest I’m thinking of adding some white shiplap to the bottom half of the walls and then paint the upper walls a neutral colour.


Main Bathroom Makeover Door


I’m still putting together the plan but here’s a quick inspiration mood board I put together:


Main Bathroom Makeover Inspiration for the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge

Images clockwise from top left: Shiplap Bathroom | Rug | Teal Vanity | Spa Bench | Light Fixture


My Project To-Do List:

  • Replace shower curtain & baby gate with glass tub doors
  • Find new window coverings, towel rack & toilet paper holder
  • Replace builder grade light fixtures
  • Update vanity and install DIY Counter, new sink & faucet
  • Paint walls and add white shiplap


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