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ORC Week 2: Raising the Kitchen Cabinets


Itโ€™s week two of the One Room Challenge and weโ€™ve made a lot of progress with our kitchen cabinets. First, we completely emptied the upper cabinets and moved everything into our dining room where we had set up some temporary shelves. I have a feeling this room will be out of commission for the next 5 […] Read more…

Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

I have been daydreaming about our kitchen makeover since we moved in…maybe even since we bought the house from plans. Yes, we bought the house from plans and did not have the builder put in our dream kitchen. Why? One word: upgrades. Everything we wanted was an upgrade, and we were not working with a […] Read more…

Ikea chair makeover

I decided to take advantage of the Thanksgiving long weekend and give our kitchen chairs a bit of a makeover. These are our chairs before their transformation: The Byholma chair with the Djupvik cushion from Ikea. First on my makeover to-do list was dyeing the cushion covers. I wanted a darker green-ish brown colour, which […] Read more…

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